We’re Wild About Nature

We create flavours that will leave a twinkle in your eye because we believe nature nourishes! Whether it’s one of our delicious Date Bites or a slice of our Banana Loaf, we’ll have you sprouting with health and happiness.

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”
Franscois La Rochefoucauld

Food Sprouting with Goodness

Our wholesome food is fun, fresh and flavourful, made with using only locally produced, natural ingredients. Our aim is to inspire you about the world of health and you should leave Wild Sprout feeling energised and fueled.

Not only is our food healthy, but so are all our freshly pressed juices, superfood smoothies and our speciality hot drinks. All smoothies are made with our in-house nut mylks and our coffee can be served with the nut mylks too!

Our goal is not to deprive ourselves of treats but to rather eat healthier treats with nutritional value. One bite of our grain free carrot cake with cashew icing or a rawnola bar and you will be sold!

Eating food that is locally sourced and organic is conscious eating and this mindfulness not only helps your body, but our environment too. We limit our waste by reusing our plastic bags and recycle everything possible in our shop. All our packaging is eco-friendly, if it’s not made from biodegradable products, they are 100% recyclable. Wild Sprout is responsible for ourselves, our customers and our future together.

Farm Fresh for City Folk

All our eggs and chickens are from the family farm Boplaas, in Wellington. The farm was originally only a fig producing farm – think our delicious sugar free fig chutney – however recently Boplaas has introduced livestock and fresh produce, such as chickens, eggs and a variety of vegetables and herbs.

All the produce is free-range and fed with no GMO’s or grains. The chickens are fed with only the fruit and vegetables that are grown on the farm. A great deal of care and consideration is taken with the produce and the gardens are sprayed with organic sprays only.

At Wild Sprout we recycle our juice pulp and send it back to the farm to use for chicken feed and to fuel the veggie garden. The majority of our fruit and vegetables that are used in-store are from the farm and are seasonally grown.

The Feed Of Nature

Meet The Wild Sprouts

Wild Sprout is the product of a collaboration between Candice Coles and Bryan Walter. We both have a an absolute love and passion for healthy, delicious food. We came together to provide conscious eaters (like ourselves) with tasty food that caters for diets free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar. We provide meals for vegetarians and vegans as well. We are very attentive to the sourcing of our ingredients and goes into our food. We believe that flavour is as important as the quality of ingredients and how it nourishes our body.

Our goal is to keep our food fresh and interesting by playing and innovating in the kitchen, using techniques we have learnt and substituting ingredients for healthier alternatives. We create balanced meals and raw treats, bringing a lightness into our cooking, all cooking and baking is done on site in our very own kitchen.

We soak and sprout nuts, seeds, grains and legumes before we use them in our recipes. This process is known to increase and maximise the nutritional value of foods, making them easier to digest and taste even better in any dish combination. The process is also known to increase the pH level by 1 point or more, making them alkaline foods. Some may be acidic in their dry form, but become basic in pH level (or alkaline) after soaking and sprouting. This is of fundamental for our generation that has consumed dried and processed foods for years, mainly for lack of better choices.


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